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The Best Pizza in Verona

1) Nastro Azzurro

Located on a side street in the famous Piazza Bra across from the arena. The restaurant is over forty years old and is a popular eatery with locals. The restaurant is enormous and can accommodate you during all manner of weather. Pro-tip - the atmosphere on the patio is the best. Service is swift, and the pizza is delicious, made with fresh and quality ingredients. I love their Piazza Bra, with Tomato, Arugula and prosciutto.

2) Le Cantine de L’Arena

This outdoor restaurant located at the far end of Piazza Bra, with a view of the arena. It is the perfect place for a quick, casual lunch. Grab a pizza and some prosecco, watch the hustle and bustle of travellers. Even take in a local street performer. The food in Piazza Bra is not necessarily authentic because it’s in a visitor area, which also corresponds to higher prices, but the pizza at Le Cantine de L’Arena is delicious, and the energetic atmosphere of this venue is unparalleled. You can’t go wrong here with a simple mushroom and pepperoni.

3) Tabia Pizzeria

There is no patio to sit on here, but the food and service make up for it. Local Veronese crowd here day and night, for the authentic pizza. They have English translations on the menu, making it easier for tourists, and the staff are warm and welcoming.

4) Bella Napoli

Just a five or ten-minute walk from the city centre, it is worth the trek if you are trying to experience the best pizza in Verona. The crowd changes, depending on the time of day you get here. We went mid-afternoon, and shared the restaurant space with Veronese youths, stopping in to share a pizza on their way home from school. Recommended by a friend, we tried the prosciutto and egg. While it seemed weird, it tasted delicious. The service is fast, that ambience is unremarkable, so not a place for dinner to share a pizza and a bottle of wine. But the pizza was great, and we’d go again for lunch.

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