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The Best Gelato in Verona

Gelato in Italy is around every corner. So it is hard to know which one to trust. I have learned over the years, that the more colourful it is, the more likely it is to be disappointing. Real high-quality gelato is made with fresh ingredients and generally does not contain vivid dyes to entice customers. Smaller shops are also usually a good sign. Here are my top pics for Gelato in Verona.

1) l’arte del gelato

There are no tables to sit and eat your gelato here, but there are plenty of spots nearby to park yourself for a few minutes if you don’t want to enjoy your gelato on the go. I’m a sucker for Stratchella, and I always seem to grab it here, because it is always available!

2) Gelateria La Romana

Gelato isn’t even on display here, Handwritten on placards on the back wall is a list of flavours for you to choose. As I said, if they aren’t even trying to draw you in with the sight of gelato, its gotta be good! And it is!

3) Gelateria Savoia Verona

They serve up gelato in cups and cones and also make ice cream sandwiches. How about your favourite gelato sandwiched between two pieces of waffle? Ummm yes, please!

4) Gelateria Ponte Pietra Verona

I have to admit, hands down, this is my favourite gelato place in Verona. Close to Ponte Pietra bridge, (Henceforth the name) there is always a line up here. Trust me; it is worth the wait. My favourite flavour is “vegan chocolate”. Mix it with the strawberry if you up for a real flavour explosion.

5) Vittoria 1938 Gelato

A favourite coffee spot, but I love all the gelato here. The interior is significant, and there are lots of chairs so that you can sit and enjoy. Even Jeff has warmed up to gelato, thanks to this place.

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