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The best coffee spots in Verona

Caffe Borsariè-Borsari-429507137121555/

The quintessential coffee shop in Verona, frequently lively, many locals come here to catch up over an espresso. There are not many tables or chairs, so you might have to stand, or take your cup to go, but the service is friendly, and the atmosphere is very Veronese.

Vittoria 1938 Gelato

Also one of my favourite places for gelato, this place serves up some delectable pastries, cakes and coffee. If you are more for the savoury, they also have crapes, salads and Sandwiches, and of course aperitivo.

Caffe Rialtoè-Rialto-161743584173114/

With both interior seating and a few small tables on the sidewalk, this is my favourite place for coffee in the morning. I love to grab a cappuccino, and a chocolate croissant and watch the Italians passing by on their way to work. Wearing high heels and short-skirts the women ride their scooters, the men in suits and ties on motorcycles; only in Italy. This place is a meeting spot for the neighbourhood, people shout friendly salutations to the staff as they pass by. Service here is funny; you need to get the hang of it, you shout your order, hope they got it, then a while later you take your coffee and croissant and enjoy it on the patio. On the way out, you stop and pay; this is old school!

Pizza Caffe La Torre

Located just down the street from the Lady Capulet Apartments, this neighbourhood coffee place is fabulous for your morning needs. Coffee, breakfast, lunch and snacks served up fresh daily. There is a large selection of baked goods, meat and cheese, sandwiches and pizzas. Fresh fruit salad and yoghurt are also available. It may take you a day or two to get your coffee ordering efficiency down, as the staff speak no English. The place is popular among locals on their way to work, so the baristas have little time to focus on the tourists, but don’t give up – they are friendly, and the coffee is sooo worth the fight!

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