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Best places to eat in Verona

1) Trattoria Al Pompiere

This warm and welcoming establishment is a cozy two-room restaurant. The decor consists of wooden chairs and tables with white and green checkered table cloths. It feels authenticly Italian with all the meat hanging from the ceiling, and the cheese fridge, loaded with selections. Quirky decor hangs from above, and black and white photos fill the walls. Be prepared to get intimate, as tables are very close together. You might even make friends with your table neighbours. There is room for sixty people, and they cram you in to make it work. Pro-Tip: Get a sample platter of the 35 different types of Cold Cuts to start.

Antica Bottega del Vini

Located in the city centre, this local favourite and hot spot, Bottega Del Vini is one restaurant you must try. Reservation or not, you may find yourself waiting a while to be seated. The wait is not bad; however, you can grab a glass of wine (an amazing by the glass selection of Amarone) from the bar and linger outside until your table is ready. As the name suggests, this restaurant is all about wine. The wine list makes the bible look like a quick read. The enormous leather-bound tome is so massive it might very well contain every wine ever made in the history of humanity. You may think it will take you days to go through it, so if you are overwhelmed, don’t worry, the sommelier will help you choose something based on your food choice. Pro-Tip: make sure you ask for a tour of their most impressive cellar, one of the staff will be happy to take you down. The “by the glass” menu is remarkable, for a Valpolicella and Amarone lover like myself, you will be quite pleased with the offerings. Verona is in the heart of the Valpolicella wine region, after all! If you are looking for a local speciality, to try, the Amarone Risotto its the best I’ve had, and I’ve tried a few. The inside of this restaurant resembles everything you think a rustic northern Italian eatery should be; the decor is classically Italian. Speaking of notably Italian, wait until you see the size of the wine glasses.

Osteria La Fontanina

This place is proof that the Michelin guide does not consider decor when awarding stars. The patio is small, and the restaurant is miniature. You might even mistake it for an antique market or garage sale, but the table cloths reassure you are in the right place, and the aroma emanating from the kitchen beckons you to stay regardless of the cluttered and tacky decor. The food is elegant and well deserving of a Michelin Star, it is also worth the implacable assault on your occipital lobe.

Osteria Ristorante Ponte Pietra

Situated beside its namesake bridge, dating back to 100 BC, Ponte Pietra is a real gem. The interior of this restaurant is as impressive as the surrounding landscape; the atmosphere is comfortable and romantic. You can dine inside or out on one of two small terraces with a view of the river or city streets. If you can get a spot on the back patio, snap it up immediately. You will not be disappointed as you enjoy the night views of the illuminated bridge and the city lights reflecting on the river. The ambience is heightened even more by the cascading cadence of the river flowing below you. The back patio has only three tables for two, so they fill up fast. Reserve as soon as you book your flight to Verona. The terrace is intimate, with cascading vines and candles on the table, all combining to create a memorable dining experience.

The wine cellar is extensive, and the knowledgeable sommelier is sure to find you excellent pairings for each dinner course. Serving up innovative regional dishes, this restaurant will delight and dazzle your senses. Make sure you save room for dessert – the tiramisu is a must try!

Trattoria I Masenini

The Trattoria I Masenini is near the arena, opposite Castel Vecchio. It offers traditional dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients and a slightly modern style. They make their pickled vegetables for you to munch on while they tempt you with the fresh bread, cheese and meats. The wine list is full of local producers who offer small production lots made in traditional Italian production styles. You won’t find these treasures at other restaurants. The owners run this small establishment themselves. They are warm, and the service is delightful. I even managed to snag one of those delicious jars of pickled veggies compliments of our waiter.

Ristorante Antica Torretta

Located in the centre of Verona, nestled in the corner of quiet Piazza Broilo, Antica Torretta is an upscale osteria. You can dine inside or on their spacious patio – both have great ambience. Umbrellas and twinkling lights create a very intimate atmosphere. The wine list is extensive, and service is outmatched only by the delicious meal.

The Parma ham and buffalo are exceptionally flavourful, the perfect light starter. For mains, the ricotta gnocchi will melt in your mouth, so be sure to try it. If you want to try something new after dinner, order a digestivo from the extensive grappa menu.

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