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Who am I?

My two passions have always been food and travel. Growing up, they sustained my body and soul.  You can not travel without identifying the relationship between body and soul, and while the voyage kindled one, food became essential to nourish the other.  From the street food of Mexico to Mama's kitchen in Verona, food and travel are irrevocably connected.


I thought that everyone experienced that same kinship with travel until I started to realize my circle of acquaintances, family and friends were asking me where to eat and where to visit next, to plan their adventures.  


Creating travel itineraries and visualizing the world on paper before stepping off the pages is a wondrous exercise for me.  Boutique Travel Club started as a collection of word documents shared with friends and family.  Soon they were being shared beyond my circle of acquaintances and strangers were contacting me and paying me for more.  Sharing my enthusiasm was quickly becoming a full-time endeavour until someone close to me showed me how to use social media and, Voila, Boutique Travel Club was born.


My static collection of word documents, with grainy images which moved around the page every time someone new tried to print them, could now be shared with everyone.   While I still love to create specialized itineraries for anyone who asks, it is travelling that feeds my soul, and I want to share my adventures so others can discover their passion.


Boutique Travel Club is a place to inspire, to discover your inner traveller and to ignite your wanderlust.

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